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Deep Learning Engineer

Job Responsibilities
Understand and analyze state of the art machine learning and computer vision algorithms.
Help develop architecture models and setup testing flow to verify.
Help build product prototypes and differentiate solutions.
Help identify performance bottlenecks and optimize HW/SW implementations.
Help perform experiments and enhance tool flows based on popular frameworks.

Job Qualification
BS/MS/PhD degree in EE, CS or equivalent.
Familiar with C/C++, Python, and Linux.
Knowledge of machine learning, computer vision, and computer architecture.
Hands-on experiences with TensorFlow, Caffe, benchmark CNN Models.
Analytic and problem-solving skills.
Team player and self-motivated.

Preferred Qualification
Experiences with Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing.  
Experiences with GPU/DSP/ISP/SoCs architecture or system software.
Experiences with OpenCL, OpenVX, CUDA, OpenCV or OpenGL/DirectX.

Sr. Software Engineer
Design, develop and implement the Connection Management (end-to-end circuit provisioning) and the Crossconnect Management modules of NETSMART 1500 Management System. 
Develop TMN based Network Management Product utilizing Java, JSP, JDBC, XML, CORBA, SNMP and TL1. 
Write server application with Relational or Object database support. 
Must have Master’s Comp. Sci., Engineering (any discipline) or Math + min. 1 year experience as Software Engineer, Programmer Analyst or related. 

Sr. Oracle DBA
The Oracle database administrator will be part of a team responsible for packaging  database support of Oracle and  MySQL databases in to company’s product which will be deployed in many customer locations. The product is deployed in Linux and Solaris platforms.
In this role the lead DBA will be responsible for productizing various components of Database engineering  including:
1.  Evaluating database components/features.
2.  writing scripts to install and configure the components automatically.
3.  Writing scripts to maintain and operate the component automatically.
4.  Attending customer support calls. Automating the resolution using scripts.
5.  Supporting development team. (Query tuning)

We're looking to hire a highly technical, passionate individual responsible for support of very large MySQL database infrastructure (hundreds of servers, thousands of databases) as part of a globally distributed team. You will work with engineers and operations team to build, maintain, optimize and scale database systems. You will be expected to make key technical decisions that routinely affect how our web sites perform.
* Significant hands on experience managing complex production database systems, preferably at a large consumer-facing Internet site
* Demonstrable expertise with MySQL: Server tuning, Query optimization, Replication strategies, Storage engines, Monitoring, Capacity planning, Backup, HA, etc
* Proficient in the scripting language of your choice (shell, Perl, PHP, etc) for monitoring and custom automation
* Excellent Linux/UNIX experience: Understanding of kernel settings that affect database performance
* Strong bias towards Open Source tools to get the job done
* BS or MS in Engineering or a related field is preferred

Software QA Engineer
Networking, esp L2-L3
Oses- ESX, Linux, Windows w/ experience on Hypervisors is a must
Virtual Switching  (SDN) would be preferred
Storage Background , FC, FCoE, iSCSI
Servers Background would be a plus

Sr. Software Engineer
You will be responsible for contributing to the advancement of Client's new and innovative data center technologies by designing, developing, debugging, for new hypervisors and maintaining  Ethernet drivers for the VIC family of adapters.
- Strong C coding experience in a multi-core embedded environment
- Strong knowledge, development, and debugging experience of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols.
- Strong knowledge on Linux system programming on user and kernel space.
- Strong teamwork, communication, and documentation skills
- Good Python, Shell scripting skill will be a big plus
- Good Virtualization knowledge on Linux/KVM and Xen PV and HVM will be a big plus.
- Good knowledge and presence in Open Flow, Open Virtual Switch, and Openstack will be a great plus.

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