Our mission is to help improve the competitiveness of our clients, enabling them to thrive in the New Economy and focus on providing end to end solutions in various areas of business. Our role is to enable business success of our clients, not merely successful functional deployment but also excel on each parameters.
Strategic Excellence - Using proven principles of casting business strategy, we help define industry segments, product offerings and the rationale for competitiveness based on the current core competencies of the company and competencies it may have to secure.
Our business model and strategy is based around forming long-term relationships with our clients and offering end-end complete lifecycle solutions to the client. This enables us both to become closely involved in the strategic planning and implementation processes and allows us to provide and develop ever more relevant and effective solutions, all aimed at improving your business results by controlling costs and cost-effective ways of securing the support you need for day-to-day operations & management.  

Advance Research

From Vehicle automation, Connected cars, IoT to Genomics tools, we enable our clients to deliver products and services to make a difference in the world. Our expertise has helped our clients to study and make use of the Big data and patterns, effectively to deliver next generation products. 

High Performance computing 
From engineering simulations for Robotics industry, demanding applications in machine learning, computer vision, scientific imaging, and radiation environments to financial market projections to genome research/ statistical analysis and other cost-effective high performance computing (HPC) solutions, we provide businesses to help them compete and scale their initiatives. Our industry experts provide organizations tailored & optimized enterprise solutions, wide industry experience, and strategies for end-to-end business transformation, lower costs of operation and achieve goals.

BioInformatics and Scientific Consulting
Our computational researchers and software engineers provide a wide range of computational science and bioinformatics support to the high performance and scientific research community to help them in using the massive amounts of data for research and analysis. We provide resources for quantitative structure activity relationship and chemometric predictive modeling to develop bioinformatics solutions such as: Web-enabled bioinformatics databases that use Various technologies and accommodate large, structurally diverse datasets, allowing users to conduct Boolean as well as chemical structure searches and graphical displays; Applications for visualizing scientific and medical data such as software that displays three-dimensional protein characterization; Data analysis tools for managing and analyzing DNA microarray experiment data that includes an image viewer and the capability to link data under investigation with publicly available databases; Predictive tools that combine predictions of multiple, independent Decision Tree models that allow sampling of independent variables from a descriptor pool.

Software development
Our range of services includes : Building new applications; Maintaining and enhancing enterprise critical applications; Increasing performance of legacy applications; Web enabling for increased visibility and usability; Creating streamlined business processes; Customize and develop new applications as per specifications; Reconfiguration and Migration from legacy systems; Redeploying a smoothly functioning body of enterprise applications 
Embedded software development
We offer Embedded software development services in the following areas:
Product development, Redevelopment and reengineering, New technology adaptation, Performance and reliability improvement, Multiple platform porting services, New Product Development, Feasibility, Architecture, modeling and design, Test planning and design, Development, Release management 

Enterprise applications 

Architecting, Implementation and Maintenance - To support new generation business processes, our consulting division undertakes the entire life cycle of IT implementation activities from architecting complex IT systems, to implementing them and taking care of post-implementation maintenance. 

Production schedules don't slow to accommodate temporary skill gaps or a learning curve. You need a partner who helps ensure you operate at peak performance every day.... We are that partner! We would provide engineering professionals, whether you need to fill a temporary gap or need to strategically implement your project. We approach each assignment with the same focus on quality and precision that engineering professionals bring to their jobs. We provide you the resources for Product design,  Process design, Facilities, Applications, Production, Operations, Materials, Quality etc.

Professional Staffing Services  
Professional staffing services represents one of the core areas of operation for us and rigorous and continuous efforts have been made over the last years to broaden and improvise our offering. We provide the direct hire staffing services to broad spectrum of industries. We have a systems and a highly process enabled approach to staffing. A team of top notch Account Managers backed by Resource Managers and Recruiters provide an unparallel service to clients across various locations. 

Enabling Innovation...

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